Friends of Roosevelt Park

The primary purpose of Friends of Roosevelt Park is to enhance the city park located at 9th Street and Roosevelt Avenue in Ames, Iowa.
Our activities include outdoor concerts, public events for all ages, community building opportunities, and avenues for charitable giving.

We did it! We have exceeded our park development fundraising goal. Park construction is ongoing through fall 2015. Thanks to all who contributed toward our success. more.

Friends of Roosevelt Park, Linda Emmerson

About Friends of Roosevelt Park
Friends of Roosevelt Park formed in May 2013 and encompasses the Roosevelt Summer Sundays Concert Committee and Citizens For Roosevelt Park.

Friends of Roosevelt Park Board
Susan Benner
Jon Childress
Jeff Hart (co-treasurer)
John Hascall
Susan McNicholl (co-treasurer)
Peter Moore
Anneke Mundel (vice-chair)
Kristin Pates
Katie Padgett Walsh
Stacey Ross (chair)

Volunteers to Committees
April Eisman
Jeremy Fields
Marty Helland
Ross Lemon
Jim Popken
Kymm Stokke
Statia Thomas
Elizabeth Wentzel
Nick Waldrop

We welcome your questions and feedback! You may reach us at

Papercut Art/Friends’ Logo: Linda Emmerson. Photos: Sue Ellen Tuttle. Web-design: Dan Conner.

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